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The Catholic University of Argentina presented its 2021 yearbook of Inclusive Formative Experiences (IFE)

The Directorate of Social Engagement and Extension of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, an institution that is part of the Uniservitate regional hub for Latin America, has just presented its "IFE Yearbook 2021."
The publication is a compilation of the Inclusive Formative Experiences (IFE) carried out in the four campuses of the university, including 64 chairs from 25 courses. Each of them worked on the service-learning pedagogy, strengthening the students' academic training while seeking to address the real and concrete problems of 40 community partners.
Additionally, the development of the IFE intended to contribute to the fulfilment of the 12 Sustainable Development Goals. In this sense, based on its purposes and objectives, each project was sorted according to the corresponding SDG. The IFE Yearbook 2021 describes the outreach activities promoted by the Directorate and includes the academic presentations made throughout the year.
Link to the yearbook [in Spanish]:
More information in English and Spanish: