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CLAYSS team continues disseminating service-learning

CLAYSS continues its active participation in conferences, webinars and several events in virtual modality —and little by little in face-to-face modality— to go on providing support to institutions, students and educators to disseminate service-learning all over the world. Here we share some of our activities:

●    19th May. 3rd Meeting of SLUSIK Community of Practice: "SLUSIK: Service Learning Upscaling Social Inclusion for Kids", a programme led by CEV (Belgium) in collaboration with Out of the Box International (Belgium), Rijeka University (Croatia), University of Limerick (Ireland), University of Granada (Spain), University College of Teacher Education, Vienna (Austria) and Matej Bel University (Slovakia). In a previous meeting, Luz Avruj, Institutional Relations and Networks Coordinator at CLAYSS, shared the CLAYSS experience regarding virtual and hybrid service-learning. On this occasion, the topic ''Service-learning model in transitions from studies to work'' was tackled.
●    24th May. As part of the Training Programme of the UNESCO Chair in Sustainability and Global Citizenship Education (School of Education, University of San Andrés), Luz Avruj, institutional Relations and Networks Coordinator at CLAYSS, gave an introductory lecture on service-learning for students, educators from Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and other countries. It was in a hybrid modality, with some participants at the university and others joining online.
●    26th May. 4th Service-Learning Day-conference "Juntos construyendo eco realidades [Building eco-realities together]". Mainly addressed to schools. Organised online by the Marists Brothers in Chile, the Chilean Service-Learning Network (REASE, Spanish acronym) and the Service-Learning Network in Mexico. Opening and welcome speech by Prof. María Nieves Tapia, Director and founder of CLAYSS [in Spanish]:
●    31st May. The Adventist University and the Red Nacional de Vinculación con el Medio de Chile [Chilean network of liaison with society] convene the III Seminar of VcM [3rd conference of liaison with society]: "Metodologías de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje en Vinculación con el Medio [Methodologies of Teaching-Learning in Liaison with Society]." Our director María Nieves Tapia is in charge of the keynote speech. [in Spanish]