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●    New issue! RIDAS. Iberian-American Service Learning Journal. Access the index and content here: or download the complete issue free:

●    Updated How-To Guides for Engaged Research. These guides have been informed by a literature review and year-long consultation with over 350 researchers, policymakers, funding agency personnel and societal partners. The consultation led to the production of a national report: Society & Higher Education Working Together to Address Grand Societal Challenges (2018). This year, Campus Engage, the American International University (AIU), the Higher Education Authority (HEA, and the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education partnered to advance training and resources on engaged research and innovation for societal impact. Download the guides free of charge here:

●    ¿Por qué funcionan los Premios ApS? [Why Do Service-Learning Awards Work?]. This is a Spanish publication depicting the creation of SL Awards, their history, and the reason and relevance of the awards to service-learning projects in Spain. Thanks to this publication, the Spanish Service-Learning Network, the Edebé Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of Spain, is promoting the Service-Learning Awards 2022, which this year celebrates its eighth edition. Like the ones promoted by CLAYSS through different programmes, an Award is not an end but a means of highlighting and disseminating these practices that combine educational success and social engagement. After eight years of the Spanish Award, this publication shares some inspiring key concepts that explain its good results. View or download free of charge here [in Spanish]:

●    Uniservitate collection. The first two volumes of the Uniservitate Collection are available in Spanish and English The complete books or individual chapters can be downloaded free:

o    Proceedings of the I Global Symposium Uniservitate 
o    Service-Learning Pedagogy and the Teachings of the Catholic Church 
Two new volumes will soon be available: one focuses on the spirituality of service-learning, and the other, on the processes of service-learning institutionalization in Higher Education. We will also publish the Proceedings of the II Global Symposium and the world history of service-learning. Follow us on social media to get the new publications!

●    We remind you that you have access to all plenary sessions of the 24th International Service-Learning Conference on YouTube, in Spanish: @clayssdigital; in English: @uniservitate; and in Portuguese: @seminarioclayss. The simultaneous workshops carried out in the zoom sessions are also available for those who could not participate. Don't miss them! There are many inspiring stories, experiences, projects, works, discussions and more. 

●    The presentations of the II Global Symposium Uniservitate, held in October, can be found here: Watch again, share, and take notes. Enjoy them!