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Part of the CLAYSS and the Uniservitate team travelled to Rome for an intense agenda in this Italian city. The Rector of LUMSA University, Professor Francesco Bonini, and part of the academic and management team welcomed María Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS, María Rosa Tapia, Coordinator the Uniservitate programme, and Andrés Peregalli, head of the Uniservitate Research Department.  
During their visit, the teams made progress in the organisation of the 3rd Global Symposium Uniservitate on 27th and 28th October at LUMSA university, where representatives from more than 100 Catholic Higher Education institutions from around the world will get together to address issues related to service-learning pedagogy.
Nieves Tapia gave an open talk entitled "Aprendizaje-Servicio: Las escuelas y universidades cuentan historias [Service-Learning: Schools and universities tell their stories]" at the host university to celebrate CLAYSS 20th anniversary and the series "20 training sessions in 20 cities." Several SL experiences from different parts of the world were presented, and the main participants of some local projects also participated, which generated an enriching exchange for all those present. The complete talk (in Italian) is available here.