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Paris: another city joins the CLAYSS celebrations

On Thursday 23rd June, there was a colloquium on University Social Responsibility (USR)) and service-learning at the Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP). Participants included François Mabille, Secretary General of the International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU); Caroline Quazzo, ICP representative for Campus Life; Corinne Valasik, Professor and Honorary Dean of Sociology; and María Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS. The activity was part of CLAYSS' series of activities for its 20th anniversary "20 training sessions in 20 cities."
François Mabille introduced the initiatives that IFCU has been developing to strengthen USR in Catholic universities worldwide, including the "Newman Benchmarking Framework" to assess their social responsibility performance. Caroline Quazzo described some of the main activities that the Institut Catholique de Paris develops with a USR perspective, encouraging students to have leading roles, and outlined some of the plans that could encourage service-learning projects in the institution during the next academic year. Corinne Valasik talked about the general framework of Higher Education in France in its most characteristic aspects, and together with Carolin Quazzo pointed out the effect of the new national legislation that poses obligations on universities regarding their social engagement. Finally, Nieves Tapia introduced CLAYSS, described the Uniservitate programme in detail, and discussed the connection between SL and USR and its most recent developments.
After the presentations, there was a spontaneous discussion to deepen several aspects of interest, such as the relationship between research and service-learning, and the importance of recent UNESCO reports stressing the importance of engaged universities and service-learning.
Paris thus is part of the series of activities by CLAYSS to celebrate its twenty years of ongoing work for and with service-learning worldwide.