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Meeting in Portugal of the Southern European Regional Hub for the Uniservitate Programme

For two days, the Uniservitate Programme of CLAYSS held the Southern Europe regional meeting at the campus of the Catholic University of Portugal (UCP, in its Portuguese acronym) in Porto, Portugal.
The schedule included a meeting with the civil society organisations joining the UCP in its service-learning and community outreach activities, a seminar, and a visit to one of the centres where students carry out community activities as part of their training.

Isabel Capeloa Gil, the rector of the university, attended the opening ceremony of the seminar, whose schedule included lectures with prominent speakers like Nieves Tapia, director of CLAYSS and María Rosa Tapia, coordinator of the Uniservitate Programme. There were also activities by specialists and colleagues, with the participation of Andrés Peregalli, from the Uniservitate Programme coordination team, and Candelaria Ferrara, coordinator of the Uniservitate regional hub.
Full seminar schedule here.