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Representatives of the Uniservitate Programme travelled to Buenos Aires for the International Service-Learning Week

More than 50 representatives of the seven regional centres and universities supported by the Uniservitate programme arrived in Buenos Aires to participate in the first global face-to-face meeting and the International Conference organised by CLAYSS. In the context of the International Service-Learning Week, specialists, educators and researchers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Chile, China, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, the Philippines, India, Italy, Peru, Ukraine, Uruguay and other parts of the world joined the event. Welcomed by the Uniservitate team in Buenos Aires, they followed a hectic schedule of activities —including visits to local service-learning experiences. They attended several meetings, took a city tour and, naturally, participated actively in the International Conference, some of them as speakers and as part of the audience, others. 
The Uniservitate Programme includes Catholic higher education institutions around the world and is open to other secular or religious institutions that wish to join. After almost three years of intense online work, Uniservitate finally had its first global face-to-face meeting during the International Service-Learning Week. The III Uniservitate Symposium is in Rome in October, and it will be a new opportunity to meet, discuss and share experiences with the participants.

Summary video of the Uniservitate meeting in Buenos Aires.

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