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Solidarity youths: Students at the International SL Conference

In this edition of the Conference, the Civically-Engaged Students Meeting was back. On Friday 26th August, there was a meeting in the afternoon with the participation of 40 students from Secondary Schools, Teacher-Training Colleges and Universities. They worked in groups and then shared their thoughts on the conditions in which they live in schools today and how they can become agents of transformation at the community level, always in their role as students. 
In the end, four participants, with the pedagogue Roser Batlle (Spain), shared their conclusions before the nearly 500 attendants who filled the Conference auditorium. 

The final message included a call to educators and the student's commitment to continue working in this direction.

Congratulations to the participating institutions: Instituto San José, Colegio San Martín de Tours, Villa Devoto School, Instituto Virgen del Valle e Instituto Misericordia, and to the students, the true protagonists of service-learning!