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Meeting of the Ibero-american service-learning network in Buenos Aires.

On the occasion of the International Service-Learning Week, CLAYSS convened a new meeting of the Ibero-American Service-Learning Network, founded in 2005 and whose Executive Secretariat appointed by the founding members is in charge of CLAYSS and NYLC (National Youth Leadership Council, USA).
The meeting was held on Wednesday, 24th August, at the Argentine Ministry of Education.
This time, members of all the national networks integrating the Ibero-American one participated in this meeting, thus representing the following countries:  Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and Uruguay. Some networks in the start-up process, such as the Colombian, Paraguayan and Ecuadorian ones, as well as colleagues from institutions in those countries, also took part in the meeting. Representatives of the governments of Argentina and Uruguay and international organisations like UNESCO and the European Observatory on Service-Learning in Higher Education (EOSLSE) were also present.
As part of the joint work, participants elaborated a collective diagnosis of regional activities of the Network and made progress on a work plan for the next stage.
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