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Public Policy Forum: an opportunity to exchange ideas and debate

The 5th Public Policy Forum on Service-Learning was held in the afternoon of Friday, 26th August. Civil servants and policy-makers from different spheres of government and multinational organisations attended the meeting, which took place in the facilities of the San José building at the UCA. They included the Youth Area of the City Council of Mislata (Valencia, Spain), the Sub-Directorate of Territorial Cooperation and Educational Innovation, the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (Spain), the Youth Corps Singapore, the General Education Department - Ministry of Education (Chile), the Directorate-General of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Uruguay), the Dipartimento per il sistema educativo di istruzione e formazione - Ministero dell'Istruzion (Italy), the Horizontes Programme (Peru), the SALTO European Solidarity Corps (European Union). The forum was also attended by representatives of the Secretariat and Directorate-General of Education of The City Council of General Pueyrredón; the Sub-Secretariat of Pedagogical Coordination and Educational Equity, the Directorate-General of the State-run Education and the Directorate of Adult and Adolescent Education of the Ministry of Education of the Buenos Aires City Hall; the National Programme "Solidarity Schools"; and the Directorate of Partnership with Civil Society, Sub-Secretariat of Participation and Democratisation in Education and the Secretariat of Educational Cooperation and Priority Actions of the Argentine Ministry of Education.
Carlos Torrendell (UCA) and the founder and director of CLAYSS, María Nieves Tapia, moderated the session and made a brief introduction to the topic. Afterwards, the participants described how public policy related to service-learning has helped develop their fields and target areas and what is the local, national and regional current status.