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CLAYSS news! As part of the conference, the latest news from recent months was presented in a special panel dedicated to new publications. You can find them here: You should find them here:

Guía para desarrollar proyectos de aprendizaje-servicio solidario - Edición 20° aniversario, [Handbook to develop service-learning projects - 20th anniversary edition], by María Nieves Tapia (2022). This manual is addressed to educators and students of all education levels and modalities, as well as to trainers of non-formal education and Civil Society Organisations, who wish to work with community-based educational projects using the "service-learning" pedagogical approach. In CLAYSS' view, when they are well planned, projects that combine learning and community-based service can have clear social relevance and outcome and express the values of peace, fraternity, beauty and care for the planet as humanity's common home. They contribute to training in active and responsible citizenship, providing quality learning of curriculum content that improves the living conditions of the protagonists and their communities. (Preface to the edition) [in Spanish]

Story of a network weaving experience. Management report on the program for the “Promotion of Service-Learning in Central and Eastern Europe 2016-2022”, by Alejandra Batista and Luz Avruj (2022), handed on the very first day of the International Service-Learning Week to those who visited us. The Programme for the Promotion of Service-Learning in Central and Eastern Europe published its six-year management report. The report outlines the experience of creating a critical mass together with local partners, which enabled the short, medium and long-term development of networks resulting in profound changes. Working locally and forging those networks are the core of the work, where you can read about the development of this process and the different types of value created collectively. "When there is a shared purpose, connection and networking have strategic value".  It is currently available in English, and a Spanish version will be available shortly. Free download:

The featured publications are now available for free consultation and/or downloading: 

Social Engagement in the Higher Education Curriculum, María Nieves Tapia. 

Procesos de instalación del aprendizaje-servicio solidario en las políticas públicas. El caso de Argentina y Uruguay [Processes of service-learning implementation in public policies. The case of Argentina and Uruguay]. María Nieves Tapia (compiler) Daniel Giorgetti, Javier Lasida and Felipe Migues. [in Spanish]

Ventanas Abiertas al Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario Virtual. Cómo desarrollar proyectos de aprendizaje-servicio solidario mediados por tecnologías [Windows Open to Virtual Service-Learning. How to develop service-learning projects using technologies]. María Rosa Tapia. [in Spanish]

Educazione e solidarietà. La pedagogia dell’ apprendimento-servizio. María Nieves Tapia. [in Italian]

Service-Learning Pedagogy and the Teachings of the Catholic Church. Joint authorship.


Service-Learning local impact projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Authors: Candelaria Ferrara. Simina Bejenaru.


Uniservitate collection.  New! Now available. Spirituality and Higher Education: Perspectives from Service-Learning Various authors. More information and download:

The book approaches spirituality from a broad and interreligious perspective, considering non-religious beliefs, with a vision that wonders about the meaning of life, interpersonal and environmental links, and how to develop life projects for the common good. From this perspective, the book offers a comprehensive analysis of the formative result of service-learning experiences regarding students and the institutional fabric that underpins the university. Developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, this publication presents insights and reflections that include but also go beyond this scenario and allow us to think of Higher Education as a space for training that simultaneously embraces "head, heart and hands". The authors have compiled research and experiences from all continents, not only from the Catholic university world but also other faiths and convictions, which explore service-learning from an ethic of care and fraternity view.

The Uniservitate Collection can be consulted here: 
In Spanish 
In English 
The next publications shall be announced on social media.

We remind you that you have access to all plenary sessions of the 25th International Service-Learning Conference on YouTube, in Spanish: @clayssdigital; in English: @uniservitate. Enjoy presentations and experiences, talks, lectures and enriching and inspiring discussions resulting from the two intense days held recently in Buenos Aires. 
Playlist in Spanish:
Playlist in English:

The presentations of the II Global Symposium Uniservitate, held in October 2021, can be found here: Watch again, share, and take notes. Enjoy them!