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4th International Service-Learning Conference in Uruguay "Aportes a la calidad y la inclusión educativa

On Friday, 25th November, the 4th International Service-Learning Conference in Uruguay took place*. The venue was the Main Hall of the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU, for its acronym in Spanish), located at Avda. 8 de octubre 2738 in Montevideo, Uruguay. With prior registration required, the event was onsite and free of charge [in Spanish]: In addition, it was possible to watch live the opening and the keynote lecture by Prof. Nieves Tapia.
This conference was a space for teachers, authorities and students of all educational levels, as well as for members and leaders of community-based and civil society organisations in Uruguay to train and upgrade their knowledge of the service-learning pedagogy (SL). All the information about here.
(*) Declared of interest by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) by Resolution 1531/022.