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Solidarity youths in Madrid, Spain

Educational Therapy students produce didactic material adapted for Special Education Centres in Madrid.
This project is a joint work between the subjects Production of educational resources for children with difficulties at school and special learning needs and Sensory and motor disability. Both are part of the Concentration in Educational Therapy after the Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education at the Comillas Pontifical University in Spain.
Fifth-year students of Educational Therapy noticed that they could address the needs of the educational centres they visited. Therefore, they design and produce different didactic resources and train educators to use them correctly. Children with motor disabilities and difficulties at school compound the population from these Educational and Social Support Centres with which the University collaborates. 
The students participating in the project explain the importance of being able to take a transformative role from now on, planning the future of education as a potential engine to transform and improve everyday life for others. 
Here we present one of the winning experiences of the Uniservitate Award 2022. Read the complete article here.