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More news to finish this year full of celebrations!
●    20 historias de educación y solidaridad - CLAYSS 20 años [Twenty stories of education and solidarity - CLAYSS 20th Anniversary], Elena Massat. 
"This book is a way that CLAYSS has chosen to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and that is why you will find a first chapter telling its history and other 20 chapters about the 20 institutions carrying out service-learning," says Elena Massat, author of our latest publication on service-learning experiences in Latin America. 20 historias de educación y solidaridad - CLAYSS 20 años [Twenty stories of education and solidarity - CLAYSS 20th Anniversary] intends to make solidarity-based educational experiences visible, prove that service-learning is a pedagogy that can be applied at any educational level and in any geographical, social and economic setting, and thereafter, get the reader want to carry out this type of project. This new publication records and reviews successful service-learning practices and has the unique feature of being portrayed by the participants of the chosen experiences, Visual Language 3, at the School of Arts of the National University of La Plata. [in Spanish]

●    Story of a network weaving experience. Management report on the programme for the "Promotion of Service-Learning in Central and Eastern Europe 2016-2022". Alejandra Batista and Luz Avruj.
This publication describes the experience of the support programme for institutions in Central and Eastern Europe, which involved people of different ethnicities and backgrounds working together to improve their communities. Thanks to the authors' approach, it is possible to review and/or discover the process of service-learning implementation in the region, and the creation of the Service-Learning Network for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE SL Network). Thus, the social fabric generated was, in turn, the support and driving force of the whole process, which is still evolving. Available for free download:

CLAYSS news! The most recent titles —free to download— can be found on our webpage: We also provide direct links to the latest news: 

Guía para desarrollar proyectos de aprendizaje-servicio solidario. Edición 20° aniversario CLAYSS, María Nieves Tapia. [Handbook to develop service-learning projects - 20th anniversary edition. In Spanish]

Story of a network weaving experience. Management report on the program for the “Promotion of Service-Learning in Central and Eastern Europe 2016-2022”, Alejandra Batista y Luz Avruj.

Social Engagement in the Higher Education Curriculum, María Nieves Tapia.

Procesos de instalación del aprendizaje-servicio en las políticas públicas. El caso de Argentina y Uruguay. María Nieves Tapia (compiladora) Daniel Giorgetti Javier Lasida Felipe Migues. [Processes of service-learning implementation in public policies. The case of Argentina and Uruguay. In Spanish.]

Ventanas abiertas al Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario Virtual. Cómo desarrollar proyectos de aprendizaje-servicio solidario mediados por tecnologías. María Rosa Tapia. [Windows Open to Virtual Service-Learning. How to develop service-learning projects using technologies. In Spanish]

Educazione e solidarietà. La pedagogia dell’ apprendimento-servizio. María Nieves Tapia.

La Pedagogía del Aprendizaje-Servicio y las enseñanzas de la iglesia católica. Autores varios.  [in Spanish] 

Service-Learning local impact projects in Central and Eastern Europe. Autores: Candelaria Ferrara. Simina Bejenaru.


●    Uniservitate collection

Now available. Spirituality and Higher Education: Perspectives from Service-Learning. Various authors. More information and download:

Uniservitate-full collection:
In Spanish
In English
Next release shall be announced on social media.

●    III Global Symposium Uniservitate. Live again the different moments of the symposium held in October at the LUMSA University, Rome, Italy, or watch it for the first time:

In Spanish
In English
In Italian 

●    Resources of the 25th International Service-Learning Conference. The presentations shown on the screen are now available to download and share. Highly valuable resources with images of inspirational experiences from all over the world.

We remind you that you have access to all plenary sessions of the 25th International Service-Learning Conference on YouTube, in Spanish: @clayssdigital; in English: @uniservitate. Enjoy presentations and experiences, talks, lectures and enriching and inspiring discussions resulting from the two intense days held recently in Buenos Aires.

Playlist in Spanish

Playlist in English