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European service-learning network for schools and organisations

After a year of independent work promoted by Lernen durch Engagement and CLAYSS, those who had worked to create the European Service-Learning Network finally met. On the occasion of the annual meeting of the Spanish Service-Learning Network, Luz Avruj, institutional Relations and Networks Coordinator at CLAYSS, and service-learning representatives from Switzerland, Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Germany joined the celebration. In that meeting, they signed a letter of intent expressing in black and white what they have done so far and their intention to continue working together. So this became a milestone moment, strengthening a project that has brought together several colleagues from different European countries.
During these days in Seville, these people continued working on new possible agreements, discussing the common ground and the shared view regarding service-learning, the interchange of ideas and, in particular, the lobbying of public policies in the different countries. Additionally, teamwork has made it possible to learn mutually, for example, how to organize national service-learning awards in regions where they have not been celebrated yet.