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Service-learning at the record-breaking edition of the Didacta Italy Fair

Didacta Italia is an expo on innovation in the school world that works to encourage debate and reflection involving organisations, associations and companies in the sector. Thus, it is a meeting place held in Germany for 50 years and in Italy for 5. The international speakers, one of the most popular features of the event, and the interactive workshops were part of the training of teachers and school administrators. CLAYSS partner, the service-learning research group of the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE, in its acronym in Italian), celebrated two events: a seminar on service-learning institutionalisation and a workshop on how to start an inter-professional exchange. It was also part of the seminar hosted by the Ministry of Education and Merit as an action of the working group committed to disseminating service-learning.

On this occasion, Didacta Italia —celebrating its sixth edition— registered a record number of visitors (tripling compared to the 2022 edition) with a strong expansion of the digital community, reaching 9,000 followers on social media on its second day. Thousands of visitors, including teachers, school administrators, school sector operators, students, journalists, influencers, and bloggers, stormed the stands while actively participating in seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings. 

The Ministry of Education and Merit, Didacta International, the Tuscany Region, the Municipality of Florence, Unioncamere, the Florence Chamber of Commerce, the Florence Convention and Visitors Bureau, ITKAM (Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany), who are members of the management committee, organized this event; whereas CLAYSS partner, the National Institute for Documentation, Innovation and Educational Research (INDIRE), participated as a scientific and academic partner.

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