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Solidarity Youth in Amazonia, Brazil

The Ministro Waldemar Pedrosa State School, located in Parintins, Amazonia, Brazil, has launched several solidarity projects in recent years. In this issue, we highlight the experience carried out by the first-year students: "Somos todos diferentes [We are all different]," found on social media as #tamosjuntos. 
With the central idea "Bullying, not here!", the project tackles bullying among peers, raises awareness and promotes good practices in everyday life, thanks to activities and actions that foster love and mutual respect, coexistence like sharing readings among children and teachers.  In addition, it provides families with tools to support children who have experienced bullying.
This video shows their work and the testimonials of those who are part of the project:
In addition, this service-learning project received an honourable mention from RAIS (Rede Aprendizagem Inovação Solidária) in their 2023 competition for SL experiences.