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Service-Learning Networks

CLAYSS is collaborating with partners from all regions worldwide to create and strengthen Service-Learning networks. During these weeks, there have been different activities, such as the meeting of the Italian service-learning Network in higher education in Rome on 26th September. The new edition of the European Conference "Futures of Service-Learning: Digital Empowerment, Transformational Literacy and Civic Engagement" was organized by EASLHE (European Association of Service-Learning in Higher Education). It took place in the last week of September in Rome, Italy. Luz Avruj and Andres Peregalli (CLAYSS-Uniservitate) presented papers at this event with attendants from all over the world. 

  • The German Network for Service-Learning in Schools (Stiftung Lernen durch Engagement) announced the winners of the LdE 2023 School Award —projects by students from schools with community engagement and care for the planet, on its networks and website [website in German]:
  • The Regional Service-Learning Award in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is currently evaluating projects submitted by institutions from across the region, as it has done in previous years. This year, the number of submissions has reached almost one hundred. We hope to have news very soon!
  • On the other hand, the RAIS (Rede Aprendizagem Inovação Solidária) is announcing the winners of the service-learning projects contest organised by the Network this year, highlighting the experiences in the voice of their protagonists [website in Portuguese]:
  • In addition, we share that on 7th September, the Mexican Service-Learning Network offered a webinar "¿Qué y cómo se investiga sobre el aprendizaje-servicio en México? [What and how is research on service-learning in Mexico?]". You may watch this rich interchange of experiences and proposals here:
  • On 8th September, the meeting "Pensar educativo y social: Territorios Memorias y Solidaridades Transformadoras [Educational and Social Thinking: Regions, Memories and Transformative Solidarity]" was held at the De La Salle University, Colombia, convened by the Red Colombo Intercontinental de investigación y aprendizaje-servicio solidario [Colombo Intercontinental Network for Research and Service-Learning]. Our executive director, Enrique Ochoa, participated online with a welcome greeting at the opening and a brief presentation of the Ibero-American Service-Learning Network (REDIBAS, in its acronym in Spanish).