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The XXIV Meeting of the Ibero-American Network was held in the context of the International Service-Learning Week

On Tuesday, 25th August, before the Conference opening, the traditional meeting of the Ibero-American Service-Learning Network was held online. Enrique Ochoa, Executive Director of CLAYSS, delivered the opening speech, together with Professor Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS, who recalled the 15th anniversary of the Network this year. On this occasion, the following reports were presented: Brazilian Network (Alexandre Isaac), Chilean Network (Manuel Caire and Natacha Pino), Uruguayan Network (Marianela Fernandez Villa and Mercedes Clara), Mexican Network (Leticia Villarreal and Ivonne López), Spanish Network (Aitziber Mugarra Elorriaga), Portuguese Network (Cristina Carita) and news in the USA (Amy Meuers). It should be pointed out that several founding members of the Network, such as Sebastian Zulueta, James Kielsmeier and Andrew Furco, attended the meeting and commented on inspiring experiences. Some of the actions currently promoted on the Network are described in the video, including the map of actions in pandemic times, the issue of RIDAS Journal (official publication of the Network since 2015 and the most important academic one on the subject-matter throughout Latin America), the Diploma in Service-Learning offered online by CLAYSS, and the announcement of the 6th Service-Learning Research Symposium, to be held in 2021, among other activities of interest. The next meeting of the Network will be organized by NYLC on 7th April 2021, as part of its Annual Conference. The full recording of the meeting can be watched on our YouTube channel.