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Pope Francis relaunches the Global Compact on Education

Due to the pandemic, the event meant to be in May was postponed until 15th October. That day, Pope Francis proposed to all people, through a videothat was broadcast on the Vatican YouTube channel, to adhere to the Global Compact on Education.
The purpose of it was to bring about change on a global scale so that education is the creator of fraternity, peace and justice, a need that is most urgent in the situation we are facing. The signing seeks to call for an educational alliance "to form mature individuals capable of living in society and for society". Furthermore, it calls not only school and academic institutions, but also religious leaders, international organizations of the economic, political and cultural world to revive their commitment to education, service-learning and the care for our "common home".
During the launching act, the service-learning pedagogy was explicitly mentioned as a contribution to the development of this global compact. CLAYSS adheres to the Global Compact, and we will continue to contribute —as we have already been doing for 20 years— to promote education for solidarity and fraternity, to build a better world together.
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