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Online webinars on SL in the context of crisis

19/10. Professor Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS, delivered the lecture "La Extensión Universitaria de ahora en más. Reflexiones y propuestas para que la universidad continúe vinculándose con las necesidades y oportunidades de la sociedad [The University Extension from now on. Considerations and proposals so that the university continues binding with the society needs and opportunities]", organized by Universidad Adventista del Plata, in Argentina. The event was online and free with prior registration. More information (in Spanish):

16/10. Our Director Prof. María Nieves Tapia was in charge of the conference entitled "Aprendizaje y servicio solidario, una innovación educativa que funciona también durante la pandemia [Service-learning, an educational innovation that also works during the pandemic]", organized by Colegio Danés Altamira, a school in Necochea, Argentina. To watch the full video, please click here (in Spanish):

21/10 and 23/10. B.A. Gabriela Malacrida —a specialist in the development of SL experiences in Higher Education— participated as CLAYSS representative in the "Foro de Investigación y Responsabilidad Social [Research and Social Responsibility Forum]", intendedfor Universities and higher Education Institutions in Lima. During two meetings, Gabriela Malacrida spoke about the SL pedagogy, with special emphasis on practices during the pandemic. Afterwards, workshops were organized and participants were able to reflect on their SR practices from the service-learning perspective.

23/10. The Educational Institution Fe y Alegría 69, in Cutervo (Cajamarca, Peru), to celebrate their 13 years of work, invited our Executive Director, Enrique Ochoa, to participate in the week of presentations "Pedagogías liberadoras desde la Educación Pública [Liberating Pedagogies from Public Education]". The event brought together a large number of teachers and students with solidarity education engagement. The event counted with the outstanding presence of the province mayor, Raúl Pinedo Vázquez, among the participants. CLAYSS team place enormous value in the work that Professor Lidio Muñoz Vázquez, Director of Fe y Alegría, has been doing for the dissemination and implementation of the Service-Learning pedagogy. To watch the video of the meeting, please click here (in Spanish):

3/11. "A+S en la UCSC: ¿En qué estamos? [SL at UCSC: What are we in?" It was the first webinar of the Service-Learning Series with a regional perspective and organized by Chilean Catholic University, Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (UCSC), with the participation of CLAYSS Executive Director, Enrique Ochoa. To watch the full video, please click here (in Spanish):

4/11. Seminar-Workshop "Innovación social a través del A+S en tiempos de pandemia [Social innovation through SL in times of pandemic]", a webinar with the participation of Prof. Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS. Organized by Universidad de Los Lagos (Chile), this was a new opportunity to enter the Service-Learning world and its various possibilities as real and concrete pedagogy, to be implemented, even in this particular context.

4/11. 2nd Volunteer Congress "Acortemos distancias [Let's shorten distances]", organized by Subir al Surand Buenos Aires Presente, GCBA (City of Buenos Aires) programme. The Panel "Educación y voluntariado: Pedagogías de la solidaridad y la participación social [Education and Volunteering: Solidarity and Social Participation Pedagogies]" included Oscar García (National University of San Martin), Enrique Ochoa (Executive Director, CLAYSS) and Francisco Somoza (University of Buenos Aires, UBA). To watch the live stream video, please click on the link (in Spanish):

13/11. Roundtable of experiences "Service-learning as a pedagogical tool facing racism". The opening of the event was in charge of Prof. Nieves Tapia, and it featured referent figures in the subject-matter who were online from Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Spain. To watch the full video, please click here (in Spanish):

25/11. Webinar: "Cómo fortalecer la ECM a través de la metodología de aprendizaje y servicio solidario [Strengthening GCED through Service-Learning methodology]". It is the fourth chapter of a series of five interviews with global citizenship education (GCED) experts and related topics. Enrique Ochoa, Executive Director of CLAYSS, conducted the webinar, which was organized by the Regional Bureaufor Education in Latin America and the Caribbean – UNESCO Santiago and broadcast live on Facebook. To watch the full video, please click here (in Spanish):

26/11. Keynote speech "Aprendizaje en el Servicio en tiempos de pandemia[Service-Learning in Times of Pandemic]" by Prof. Nieves Tapia. The speech was part of the 3rd Learning Symposium at the University Service in Mexico (Universidad de Monterrey - UDEM). More information (in Spanish):

26/11. International Symposium: "¿Es lo mismo Aprendizaje-Servicio que Responsabilidad Social Universitaria? [Is Service-Learning the same as University Social Responsibility?]". María Rosa Tapia (CLAYSS – Argentina), Daniela Gargantini (RSU AUSJAL UCC Network– Argentina), Ana Luisa López-Velez (UPV/EHU – Spain) and Juan Gutiérrez (UNED – Spain) participated in the meeting.