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CLAYSS Uruguay launches the 13th Edition of its online course on SL pedagogical proposal in Platform of the Ministry of Education and Culture

Cementing the alliance between CLAYSS Uruguay and the Directorate of Ministry of Education and Culture in Uruguay (MEC), the thirteenth edition of the course "Propuesta pedagógica de Aprendizaje Servicio Solidario [Pedagogical Proposal for Service-Learning]" will start in April. The course will runon the online platform of the Ministry, which is free for all its participants. CLAYSS training team will also be tutoring the course, and the team of the Directorate of Education will be in charge of the technical support.
The course is intended for teachers, school authorities and superintendents, as well as educators and workshop organizers of formal and non-formal education in Uruguay. More than 3,400 participants have enrolled, and more than 1,225 studentshave graduated so far. Getting to every department across the country, theproposal has reached 100% of the territorial scope within all education systems, civil society organizations and education centres in contexts of confinement, among others.

More information and registration: