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Solidarity Youths: Projects do not stop during the pandemic

We invite you to browse our map of educational service-learning experiences in pandemic times where you can find service-learning and student-volunteering experiences that still go on despite the Covid-19 restrictions or have developed as a result of the pandemic. 
This month, we highlight the students of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina, who carried out their programme "UBA en acción [UBA in action]", together with the University Federation of Buenos Aires (FUBA) and with the academic units of the University. During 2020, they organized campaigns of assistance and volunteering concerning the pandemic. In addition to their contribution to the flu and pneumonia vaccination campaigns, they joined the "DetectAr" plan [special Covid-detection programme in Argentina]. Now they are joining in the organization of the administrative tasks necessary to make the Covid-19 vaccination plan effective.
Both undergraduates and graduates can collaborate. To join the programme, you only need to fill in the following form [in Spanish]:
We also highlight that ORSIES (Observatory of Social Responsibility and Higher Education Institutions of Portugal) promoted in 2020 a Seminar to share service-learning experiences during the pandemic among all its members, under the slogan "Sharing to inspire". Seventeen projects were presented and received with great enthusiasm by the participants, who had a rich exchange of experiences. 
In addition, ORSIES included several projects developed during 2020 in our map of educational service-learning experiences in pandemic times, coming from its Report "Higher Education and Social Responsibility in Covid-19 Times". The news —and the map as well— can be seen in their web page: