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National Council on Science and Technology in Paraguay awarded projects on innovative educational experiences

Eng. Eduardo Felippo, Minister President of the National Council on Science and Technology in Paraguay (CONACYT) handed the awards to the winners of the challenge "Experiencias Educativas Innovadoras con enfoque CTS [Innovative Educational Experiences Focused on Science, Technology and Society]".
The project convened graduates and undergraduates from all editions of the Science, Technology and Society Chair, Paraguay chapter, promoted by CONACYT and the Organization of Ibero-American States (IEO). Eng. Cynthia Delgado, Executive Secretary of CONACYT, and the members of the Council attended the event, which was held online on 9th March.

The awarded experiences, out of a total of 48 submitted, were: 
1st Prize: Service-Learning Project "Juntos vencemos el Aislamiento Social [Together We Overcome Social Isolation]".
2nd Prize: La Huerta en Casa, Los colores y su influencia en la conducta humana y Club de Ciencia: creando puentes entre jóvenes mujeres, ciencia e innovación educativa [Market-garden at home, colours and their influence on human behaviour, and Science Club: creating bridges between young women, science and educational innovation].
3rd Prize:Educational Project "Percepción de los estudiantes de la Educación Media sobre el Cambio Climático [High School Students’ understanding on Climate Change]".
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