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More than 100 educators throughout Latin America join CLAYSS' online training proposals to spread service-learning along the region

In March and April, more than one hundred educators from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Colombia started to attend three online training proposals based on the design of service-learning projects in primary and secondary education (in Spanish and Portuguese) and the SL approach in higher education institutions. 
The online courses, in the context of a community of practice in Latin American, invite teachers of the formal education system and leaders of social organizations to learn about the service-learning pedagogy and offer theoretical and practical tools to design and develop quality projects that transform teaching while taking children and youths as protagonist and addressing their community problems. 
During three months of intense work and the support of specialized tutors, the educators took part in various synchronous and asynchronous activities promoting reflection, collaboration and collective production. To learn more about CLAYSS training courses, visit