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The 25th Ibero-American Service-Learning Network was held

On 7th April, the first meeting of the Network in 2021 was held virtually, as part of the 32nd Annual National Service-Learning Conference, organized by NYLC, like every year. The meeting was attended by the Mexican Network, the Brazilian Network, the Chilean Network, the Portuguese Network, the Uruguayan Network, the Spanish Network, the Argentine Network (in process of creation) and colleagues from NYLC, CLAYSS, PALECH, the Coalition for Service-Learning, as well as several colleagues from the region and part of the CLAYSS team, as usual. Dialogue and reflection were made on the current challenges and opportunities, the assessments and public policies of service-learning, and its progress and changes in each of the countries. As always, it was a pleasant moment of exchange and mutual learning. 
The second meeting will be in the framework of the International Service-Learning Week in Buenos Aires, between 23rd and 27th August 2021 (date to be confirmed). 
Those interested in being part of the Network or participating in the next meeting may write to