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●    "Prácticas Educativas innovadoras en el contexto universitario [Innovative Educational Practices in the University Context]"
 Coord. Guadalupe Maribel Hernández Muñoz. It includes the chapter Perspectivas, aportaciones y experiencias del docente acerca del impacto del aprendizaje-servicio en el estudiante universitario [Perspectives, contributions and experiences of the teacher regarding the impact of service-learning on the university student, by María Elena Franco-Caballero (University of Monterrey). [in Spanish]

●    “Practical Guide on e-SL in response to COVID-19 is the result of the joint work of several CLAYSS partners that are members of the European Association of Service-Learning in Higher Education (EASLHE):

●    It is now available on our website "2x1", a book that introduces SL experiences and essays on "tearing down the walls" of the university, by Mauricio Téllez Guillén and Karlo Ramírez Rivas when they studied Architecture at the University of Arequipa, Peru. The publication provides a detailed account of the different processes, photos, graphics, and the rubric of the University of Barcelona. Download [in Spanish]:

●    A proposal for tools, apps and platforms that boosts the development of learning projects in the distance modality.  Made by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, this kit is available to anyone looking to implement a Service-Learning project in these times. [in Spanish]

●    We remind you that all the material of the 23rd International Service-Learning Conference, as well as the videos of the meetings, are now available for reference. You can access our webpage,and click on "materials". 

●    The I Uniservitate Global Symposium is available on video on the YouTube channel: The presentations of the international specialists who participated in the event can be found (and downloaded) on the Uniservitate website: 
October 29:
October 30: