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CLAYSS Service-Learning Programme in Peru continues to provide training

-    New Workshops. Community of learning-Lima
Last 4th May, Professors Diego Manrique and Laura Nicoletti, from CLAYSS Training team, launched a series of virtual workshops on service-learning requested by the Head of the Learning Community project from the Education and Sports Office of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Peru. To open this series, a webinar was held by Alejandro Gimelli, Coordinator of the Solidarity School Support Programme (CLAYSS). This experience was initially intended for educators and school authorities in Peru, with enormous enthusiasm and confidence that this will result in interesting SL projects. 
-    Señor de Sipán-Chiclayo University
On 7th May, Gerardo Bridi and Sebastián Puglisi (CLAYSS) coordinated workshops at the Señor de Sipán University (Chiclayo, Peru) intended for more than 200 students from different courses. The activities were carried out in online mode, within series of educational activities grouped under the title "Aprendizaje-servicio solidario para fortalecer la competencia ciudadana en el estudiante de la Universidad Señor de Sipán [Service-Learning to strengthen civic competence of students at Señor de Sipán University]." These workshops are run by Dr. Mariela Ramos Santamaría, teacher and coordinator of the Academic Programme for General Training of the University.