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2nd Service-learning module for schools in the Zenica-Doboj Canton in Bosnia Herzegovina

The Pedagogical Institute of Zenica and the International Association "Interactive Open Schools" (MIOS), Tuzla, our partner in Bosnia Herzegovina, held the "II service-learning module." Teachers from 11 primary and secondary schools in the Zenica-Doboj canton attended the meeting. During the online training, participants were divided into two groups and had the opportunity to learn more about service-learning standards and their practical implementation. In addition, it was an opportunity to share interesting ideas on service-learning projects and learn about successful practices of the schools in the Tuzla canton with which MIOS has been working. Afterwards, educators had the opportunity to work on these ideas to put service-learning into practice and their presentations to colleagues. During the meeting, several innovative proposals emerged, which we hope can be further developed during the new school year that begins in September.
MIOS Tuzla is carrying out the project "Expanding the service-learning pedagogy in Bosnia and Herzegovina," which includes 47 primary and secondary schools in Zenica-Doboj, Herzegovina-Neretva, West Herzegovina, Central Bosnia, Una-Sana Canton and Canton 10 of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The objective is to increase the quality of teaching and learning in the formal education system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to give importance to those essential changes in education which include the holistic development and growth of young people who have functional knowledge and skills and a strong sense of the community where they live to change their lives.
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