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Book day in Uruguay: "Meeting between detectives and fantastic women"

Due to the National Book Day in Uruguay, last Wednesday, 26th May, the members of the interinstitutional SL project "Molinos Virtuales" actively participate in the celebrations.
The proposal is the product of joint work between three educational institutions in Uruguay which constitute a network of service-learning projects related to foster reading and local cultural activities: No. 47 School in La Teja, No. 67 School in Piedras Blancas and No. 1 School in Sauce. Different community leaders, publishing houses and institutions joined the meeting to support them.
The activity, inspired by today's Youth Literature, was defined as "Un encuentro entre detectives y mujeres fantásticas [A meeting between detectives and fantasticwomen]." Duringthe online meeting, the book "Detectives en Pandemia [Detectives in Pandemic]" was presented, an edition made by the students during the 2020 school year, and its production and edition were carried out by UTU Artes Gráficas [printing and graphic design of the University of Labour of Uruguay].
The day conference counted on the presence of two outstanding writers of National Youth Literature, Verónica Lecomte and Marcos Vázquez. At the closing, the 2021 project was launched, which was planned and coordinated by the teachers Silvia Bocchi and Valeria Tarmezzano. This proposal has the support of La Teja Municipality (Montevideo, Uruguay), Taller Adultos Mayores del Oeste [worshop for senior citizens], Santillana Publishing House, the General Directorate of Secondary Education and the General Directorate of Professional Technical Education of the National Administration of Public Education of Uruguay, CLAYSS Uruguay headquarters, and the radio station El Puente of the El Tejano Civil Association, in Montevideo, Uruguay.