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Solidarity Youths: Projects do not stop during the pandemic

On 8th June, the Environmental Education Law was enacted in Argentina, which introduced Integral Environmental Education as a national public policy that is "permanent, transversal and integral" in all education facilities in Argentina.
For this reason, and because we know that, for years, many schools —not only in Argentina but throughout the world—have been developing service-learning projects to address environmental preservation, we want to highlight one of them, representing so many others that have been developing in our country. 
For 15 years, No. 25 School in lake Futalaufquen (Chubut, Argentina) has been carrying out an institutional project with its students, teachers, teaching assistants and families. Children, adolescents and young people are an active part of the service-learning project "Vivero Niños del Lago [Kids of the lake greenhouse]." They are true "growers" of native plants who grow sedes and cultivate plants to then reforest the areas damaged by fires, something common, especially in the summer. El project, which won the Presidential Award "Solidarity Schools" in 2019, originated in 2006 when a fire devastated the surrounding area of the school. Students, parents and teachers helped during the pressing need, but soon they began to create something that went far beyond the emergency. The greenhouse was planned to grow 300 seedlings of different native varieties (for example, radal, maitén, calafate, lenga, lazles), then the first tree species were planted in 2009, and today more than 25,000 trees have been recovered.
To learn more about "Vivero Niños del Lago", please visit their Facebook page [in Spanish]:

Photo: Facebook "Vivero Niños del Lago"