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Convocatoria AVI 2021 Artes

Last days! Open call for Online Support to Institutions (AVI) 2021

CLAYSS support Programme for solidarity education institutions "Service-Learning in the Arts" invites institutions of all levels and modalities from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru to participate in the "Open Call for Online Support to Institutions (AVI) 2021".
In 2020, this experience began with 18 participant institutions, training 27 teachers and authorities from Argentina, Colombia and Peru.  CLAYSS objective is still to support—online and face-to-face modality—in ways that are useful for teachers and school authorities who are overloaded by their daily tasks both inside and outside their institutions.
Until 30th July 2021, the call is open to participating by completing the following form: More information, terms and conditions [in Spanish]:
More information about the Programme "Service-Learning in the Arts":