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CLAYSS continues its joint work with the Horizontes-UNESCO Programme in Peru

In May, June and July, CLAYSS strengthened its connection with the Horizontes-UNESCO Programme for rural education in secondary schools. In this period, synchronous online meetings were held with teachers and authorities of educational institutions and local teams. During the training, the SL pedagogical proposal was introduced, and there was progress in the development of projects, which the teachers were very enthusiastic about.
The meetings, coordinated by Gerardo Bridi (CLAYSS), included the following institutions: Virgen de la Asunción (Cusco), Augusto Salazar Bondy (Piura) and Moisés Moreno and Juan Velazco Alvarado (Amazonas). Alejandro Gimelli and Elena Massat, both from the CLAYSS team were also part in some of them.