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Solidarity Youth: projects do not stop during the pandemic!

This month we highlight the socio-community and environmental project developed by the students from Manuel Arroyo and Pinedo Secondary School in San Miguel de Tucumán (Tucumán, Argentina). Since 2018, the school teachers and students have carried out solidarity projects that involve the community, highlighting its values "empathy, solidarity, mutual support and engagement." 
Due to the particular pandemic context, they adjusted their actions to the new situation. However, they still focus on waste treatment at school to further extend it to their homes and the entire region, even promoting actions throughout the province to implement waste recycling. The project has expanded beyond the school boundaries: green areas, spaces for burning waste, training for people concerned, promoting good environmental practices in the community, joint work with urban reclaimers, etc. 
In 2020, they focused on researching home recycling and carried out different activities through their networks. In 2021, as classrooms opened under a COVID-19 protocol, the students and teachers went to the nearby community to do cleaning works in the open air (Pocitos Tafí Viejo, Argentina).  
For further information, you can follow them on Facebook and learn about everything they do [in Spanish]: