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Publications and Resources

•    Ventanas Abiertas al Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario Virtual. Cómo desarrollar proyectos de aprendizaje-servicio solidario mediados por tecnologías [Windows Open to Virtual Service-Learning. How to develop service-learning projects using technologies], María Rosa Tapia. It was written based on the agreement with EDUCAPAZ (National Education for Peace Programme in Colombia) and the Xaverian university, Colombia. Download link in our website [in Spanish]:

•    First volume of the Uniservitate collection: Proceedings of the I Global Symposium Uniservitate. The new editorial project of CLAYSS Global Uniservitate Programme was presented to the public (on both CLAYSS and Uniservitate YouTube channels). The collection seeks to become a point of reference on the theory and practice of service-learning in Higher Education, its spiritual dimension and its multiple cultural and institutional expressions in the world. To learn more about the Uniservitate Collection, watch the video recording of the event here and download the first volume for free here

•    CLAYSS Research: Procesos de instalación del aprendizaje-servicio solidario en las políticas públicas. El caso de Argentina y Uruguay [Processes of service-learning implementation in public policies. The case of Argentina and Uruguay]. Presented to the audience on our YouTube channel @clayssdigital and published by CLAYSS Uruguay, this publication is free to download here [in Spanish]: The meeting welcomed more than 60 participants from various locations in Argentina and Uruguay. The work was introduced by its compiler, Nieves Tapia, and the binational team of researchers: Dr Daniel Giorgetti, Dr Javier Lasida and Mag. Felipe Migues. Watch the video recording of the event here.

•    We remind you that you have access to all plenary sessions of the 24th International Service-Learning Conference on YouTube, in Spanish: @clayssdigital; in English: @uniservitate; and in Portuguese: @seminarioclayss.  All conference material and presentations will be soon available on our website: