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Online Support to Institutions (AVI) 2021

On 17th September, CLAYSS Support Programme for Solidarity Educational Institutions "Service-Learning in the Arts" launched the Online Support to Institutions (AVI) 2021 for nine institutions in Argentina, Colombia and Peru.
This initiative started in 2020 to address the emergency context and provide new training options to those institutions interested in service-learning in ways that are useful for teachers and school authorities who are overburdened with daily tasks both inside and outside their institutions.
The online support provides virtual meetings and monitoring. In addition, there are working groups—from 3 to 5 institutions each—which are monitored by one or two experts from the CLAYSS team.
Each group has 4-weekly real-time online meetings of 2 hours duration, divided into a first theoretical segment, a second one with workshop work and the third one with conclusions and reflection. After each meeting, through asynchronous virtual monitoring, each participating institution can interact with the CLAYSS team and record a log of the entire process that allows them to plan a project to develop in 2022.