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Colombia celebrates the National Network Meeting 2021 hosted by EDUCAPAZ

The National Education for Peace Programme, EDUCAPAZ, a local initiative promoted by Colombian civil society organizations, has carried out the National Network Meeting since 2018. Under the motto "Urgent actions of the Education for Peace Movement," the meeting took place on 7th, 8th and 9th October, virtually and with prior registration. Sebastián Puglisi (CLAYSS) participated in one of the inspiring meeting discussions: "Intercultural education and community school."
In this opportunity, the topic was "The school we want to go back to," discussed by its protagonists, students and educators, who considered how returning will be, what they want to keep and what to change.
Every year, EDUCAPAZ provides an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences and good practices in education for peace, establish agendas to influence the discourse and the will of decision-makers, and thus promote the necessary educational transformations at a national scale. More information [in Spanish]: