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Solidarity Youths: Projects do not stop during the pandemic

A project to help people with visual disabilities.
The project was suggested by 6-year students of the Constantino Spagnolo Presbyter School, a technical school specialized in electronics, in Junín, Mendoza, Argentina. The students Aarón Figueroa and Julieta Encina noticed that people with visual disabilities have problems when moving about closed or open spaces. They began to develop this project together as part of the Professional Practices subject.
In response to the needs of these people, they designed and manufactured a "headband" that detects objects at the height of the user's head, emitting a sound alert.
It is important to highlight that this school is one of the service-learning pioneers in Argentina and its students regularly carry out different projects. In this case, Julieta and Aarón applied their knowledge on electronics, design and programming to develop the headband. This project was submitted to the "Solve For Tomorrow 2021" call for innovations and was one of the 30 semi-finalists of a total of 680 applications from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. You can watch the project told by its protagonists here: