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Spanish Service-Learning Network continues working on the dissemination of service-learning in the Spanish community

On Wednesday, 24th November, from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Spanish time), the Spanish Service-Learning Network hosted the webinar "Ayuntamientos y Aprendizaje-Servicio. Introducción [Municipalities and Service-Learning. Introduction] aimed at municipal specialists (education, youth, citizen participation, and other areas of interest), as well as political leaders (councillors, mayors, etc.).
Since the launching of this Network, the municipalities have been linked to the implementation and dissemination of this educational methodology, due to its potential usefulness to construct responsible citizens from an early age, improving social cohesion, solidarity and cooperation. In a large number of municipalities, the incorporation of service-learning as another aspect of their local policies is under evaluation. More information here [in Spanish]: