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Upcoming CLAYSS activities:

Trainings by CLAYSS team. February 4-7, 2022. ACCU Annual Meeting. ACCU, the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities in the United States, will hold its annual meeting in February, and will dedicate a pre-conference space and one of its plenary sessions to University Engagement and Service-Learning. Maria Rosa Tapia will represent CLAYSS and Uniservitate at the meeting. More information at:

More information coming soon on our social networks. Follow us! on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube: @clayssdigital.


Other activities:

●    20th-22nd April 2022 / 27th April 2022 (online). 33rd National Service-Learning Conference "Together." Hosted by the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC). Established in 1987, the National Service-Learning Conference has brought together more than 30,000 youth and adults from across the United States and beyond. The conference connects participants with educational leaders through three days of engaged learning sessions and hands-on projects. The 2020 and 2021 Conferences were held virtually. In 2022, the conference features three in-person days with a virtual day. More information:

●    8th-11th June 2022: 8th International Service-Learning Symposium (ISSL). "Critical Service-Learning Across the Globe: Transforming Teaching into Social Action." Face-to-Face Symposium in Nicosia, Cyprus: 8th-11th June 2022. Hosted by the University of Nicosia. More information: