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Diciembre 2020

Closing of SL awards 2020

-    The Central and Eastern European Service-Learning Award for Successful SL Practices, organized by CLAYSS and the Bosnian organization MIOS,...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Provincial Meeting of Solidarity Schools in Mendoza, Argentina

On 10th November, the 5th Solidarity Schools Meeting was heldonline. The opening of this important educational meeting...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Universities in South Africa promote the creation of a National Service-Learning Network

On 30th October, South African universities met to develop a National service-learning network, based on the initiative...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020

Closing of the Programme "A brazos tendidos"

On 16 November...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Agenda 2020/2021

AGENDA 2020/2021

CLAYSS activities:
•    2nd Solidarity Learning Seminar in Brazil. Saturdays 7/11, 14/11, 21/11, 28/11 and 5/12...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Last day for submissions to the SL Photography Contest "Stories that Transform"!

The Latin American Center for Service-Learning (CLAYSS), through the Support Program for Solidarity Educational...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Online Support to Institutions 2020 finished, carried out by the Support Programme "Service-Learning in the Arts" for Argentina, Colombia and Peru

The Online Support to Institutions 2020 (in Spanish, AVI) was carried out during four thematic meetings per week, of...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
The I Global Symposium of the UNISERVITATE programme was held with participants from all over the world

Leading figures of SL and Catholic Higher Education attended this first Symposium. Panellists from 14 countries (...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Iberoamerican Service Learning Network

CLAYSS participates in the VIII Service-Learning Seminar 2020 organized by the Chilean National Service-...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Online webinars on SL in the context of crisis

19/10. Professor Nieves Tapia, Director of CLAYSS, delivered the lecture "La Extensión Universitaria de ahora en más....

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020

In this section, we collected those calls we believe of interest to our colleagues and friends.

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Meeting of schools in Argentina and Uruguay for twinset experiences

Schools in Argentina and their peers in Uruguay work on solidarity educational projects using Community School Radio as...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
The Ukrainian Catholic University strengthens its SL projects with CLAYSS

On 6th November, the Ukrainian Catholic University held a conference, open to educational institutions all over Ukraine...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Pope Francis relaunches the Global Compact on Education

Due to the pandemic, the event meant to be in May was postponed until 15th October. That day, Pope Francis proposed to...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Talloires Network: supporting Service-Learning work

Opening of nominationsto the MacJannet for Global Citizenship Award 2021

This award, sponsored...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020
Service-Learning experiences related to current problems

In CLAYSS, we are collecting SL experiences that are developed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020

•    We remind you that all the material of the 23rd International Service-Learning Conference, as well as the videos...

Boletín CLAYSS Diciembre 2020