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Octubre 2023

Summary of the International Service-Learning Week in Buenos Aires

Once again, CLAYSS held the 20th International Service-Learning Week in Buenos Aires during the last...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023
New edition-Global Symposium Uniservitate

A Uniservitate Global Symposium will take place on 8th and 9th November at...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023
Meeting between Uniservitate and the Catholic University of Paraná, Brazil

Under the partnership between the Uniservitate programme and the Global Compact on Education...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023
Uniservitate met with the Institutes of Higher Studies of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians

Representatives of the Uniservitate global network and CLAYSS held a Zoom meeting at the end of July to evaluate ways...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023
Solidarity Youth in Amazonia, Brazil

The Ministro Waldemar Pedrosa State School, located in Parintins, Amazonia, Brazil, has launched several solidarity...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023
Service-Learning Networks

CLAYSS is collaborating with partners from all regions worldwide to create and strengthen Service-...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023

CLAYSS activities:

8th and 9th November 2023. IV GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM UNISERVITATE. Hosted by the...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023

Call for papers for the 10th National Service-Learning Conference organised by the National Service-Learning...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023

Now you may access or download all speakers' presentations for the 26th International Service-Learning Conference...

Boletín CLAYSSOctubre 2023