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Premio Uniservitate para Educación Superior Católica

Launching of the Uniservitate Award for Catholic Higher Education

On 22nd March, the first edition of the Uniservitate Award was launched. It aims to provide visibility to service-learning experiences in Catholic Higher Education. 

The call was open to all Catholic Higher Education Institutions, university and non-university, that have developed or are developing projects and/or programmes that integrate academic activities with social engagement between January 2019 and April 2022. The jury of distinguished specialists will select the finalists for each of the seven regions specified in the Uniservitate Programme map and detailed in the Terms and Conditions. 
Each region will be awarded two First Prizes of € 5,000 each. In addition, one coordinating teacher and one student will be selected to participate in the III Uniservitate Symposium in Rome, Italy, from 26th to 30th October 2022, and two Special Mentions of € 1,000 each will be awarded.

The submission deadline is on Monday 2nd May 2022 at 11:59 pm. (Argentina local time). The winners will be announced in July 2022.

More information at www.uniservitate.org
Contact: award@uniservitate.org