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CLAYSS team celebrated its first internal day-conference of the year online and in face-to-face modality

The first internal day-conference of the year was organized, but this time in person, to celebrate CLAYSS' recent 20th anniversary. Many CLAYSS team workers met in Buenos Aires on 5th March, after months of extremely intense work in virtuality and with limited attendance at the office. 
There was great joy and emotion at the reunion after two years of a home office for some attendants. They also found the opportunity to celebrate the achievements from CLAYSS founding during the Argentine crisis in 2001 and 2002, without any resources or support, to its progressive expansion in Latin America and its current work on a global scale. The shared work also enabled us to identify new challenges and move forward.

We want to thank all friends and colleagues who have sent us their greetings through the networks for our 20th anniversary. We look forward to celebrating in person with all of you at the 25th International Service-Learning Conference in August!