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CLAYSS team continues attending webinars and online conferences during pandemic times

Service-learning continues spreading as a source of inspiration and transformation. CLAYSS continues its participation in conferences, webinars and several events in virtual modality, and gradually face-to-face, to keep supporting institutions, students and educators worldwide.

  • 28th April 2022. 4th Service-Learning Conference. Aimed mainly at schools. Organised virtually by the Marists of Chile, the Chilean Service-Learning Network-REASE (Spanish acronym) and the Mexican Service-Learning Network. The opening talk will be given by Nieves Tapia. http://www.aprendizajeservicio.maristas.cl/ [in Spanish]
  • 28th-30th April 2022. IUNAES Postdoctoral Congress in Durango, Mexico. Organised by the Anglo-Spanish University Institute of Mexico-IUNAES (Spanish acronym). CLAYSS director, Prof. María Nieves Tapia, is giving the talk "La innovación pedagógica del aprendizaje-servicio solidario: perspectivas latinoamericanas y mundiales [The pedagogical innovation of service-learning: Latin American and global views]," on Friday, 29th April. Registration and more information [in Spanish]: https://anglodurango.edu.mx/congreso