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NEW CALL! Latin American Contest for the Audiovisual Recording of Solidarity-based Education Experiences: "Stories that Transform". Fourth Edition. Organised by CLAYSS to support the dissemination of service-learning and give visibility to those who have developed projects between January 2021 and June 2023. The winners get important prizes —from USD 550 to USD 1000— to implement or continue their solidarity-based projects. Submissions must be in PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEO format.
The submission deadline is on 2nd October 2023. Find all the information and terms [in Spanish]: https://historiasquetransforman.clayss.org/.

9th edition of the Service-Learning Awards 2023. Organized by: The Spanish Service-Learning Network, the Edebé Foundation and the NGO Educo, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. It is for schools in pre-school, primary, secondary and vocational and occupational education and training, and social entities developing service-learning practices in any region of Spain. The submission deadline is on 30th September 2023. More information [in Spanish]: https://aprendizajeservicio.com/formulario-inscripcion-2023/