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23th International Service-Learning Conference

The 23rd International Service-Learning Conference concluded

With a record of nearly 3,000 subscriptions from 60 countries, we celebrated the 23th edition of the International Service-Learning Conference. This time, the pandemic made us deal with a challenge which was successfully turned into an opportunity, as the conference was entirely conducted online. This expanded the possibilities of participation and enabled many people who, due to the distance or lack of means, had not been able to participate in this emblematic meeting in previous editions.
The lecturers, speakers and specialists who gave the workshops proved that the technology and the online mode are not impediments to establish connections, get feedback from participants and even participate in other conferences through the YouTube chat, for example: “The exchange was enriching”. Josep Puig (University of Barcelona, Spain), Lynn Barendsen (Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA), Axel Rivas (University of San Andrés, Argentina), Alberto Croce (Fundación Voz, Argentina), Andrew Furco (University of Minnesota, USA), Roser Battle (Spanish Service-Learning Network, Spain), Carol Ma (Singapore University of Social Sciences, Singapore), Edina Malkic (MIOS/CEE service-learning network), Beatrix Bouwman (North Western University/South Africa Higher Education Community Engagement Forum [SAHECEF]), Marietta Guanzon (De La Salle University/SLAN), Andrew Seligsohn (Campus Compact, USA) and Timothy K. Stanton (Stanford University, USA) were some guest speakers for this edition.

As usual, the Conference was preceded by the activities of the International Service-Learning Week, which this year included the XXIV meeting of the Ibero-American Service-Learning Network and the launching of the Uniservitate Programme.

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