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Solidarity projects do not stop during the pandemic

We invite you to browse our map of educational service-learning experiences in pandemic times, where you can find service-learning and student-volunteering experiences which still go on despite the COVID-19 restrictions or which were developed as a result of the pandemic. This map is interactive, and it is updated by those who want to upload their experiences. This month we have highlighted some experiences.

The school 4-217 and the adjoining unit Furlotti, in the city of Tunuyán, in Mendoza province, Argentina, had to face the need to communicate with their students and families. This produced a new line of action of the SL project that they have been carrying out since previous years. The community radio was restructured as a space to exchange learning and promote local tourism and health issues. For more information (in Spanish), click here

The Universidad del Gran Rosario (UGR) is actively participating in the Plan Detectar [COVID-19 testing plan], with the contribution of more than 120 students and professors from Rosario, Santa Fe and Venado Tuerto. Undertaking the #SumandoVoluntades initiative, the University actively participates in the detection of COVID-19 transmissions in the territory (primary care strategy of Plan Detectar), the isolation stage (volunteers in phone monitoring and isolation centres) and the most critical link, the intensive care, with cardiopulmonary physiotherapy training and the participation of graduates in the public health system. The UGR Facebook (in Spanish) is @ugrosario.

Once again, students and teachers offer what they have learnt to serve the community.