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In this section, we collected those calls we believe of interest to our colleagues and friends.
•    I Latin-American Photography Contest for Solidarity Experiences "Historias que transforman [Stories that Transform]".  The Service-Learning in the Arts Programme organizes this Contest, intended for all solidarity educational institutions of all education levels and modalities in Latin America which have developed service-learning projects between August 2017 and August 2020. Deadline: 30th November 2020. More information (in Spanish): https://historiasquetransforman.clayss.org/
•    The 8th Edition of the Solidarity Education Contest in Uruguay. Registrations until 23rd October 2020. This year the award will be centred around awarding those institutions that, in a pandemic context, identified their community problems and responded to them creatively and through organized solidarity actions. Terms and registration form (in Spanish): https://www.tfaforms.com/4748222 Organized by National Administration of Public Education (ANEP), MEC Uruguay, OEI Uruguay and El Chajá Civil Association.