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Last day for submissions to the SL Photography Contest "Stories that Transform"!

The Latin American Center for Service-Learning (CLAYSS), through the Support Program for Solidarity Educational Institutions "Service-Learning in the Arts", invites you to be part of "Stories that Transform". It is the Latin-American Photography Contest for Solidarity Educational Experiences, intended for educational institutions of all levels and modalities of Latin America that can submit photographs of solidarity educational experiences led by students and developed in their institutions and communities.
The purpose of the Contest is to identify, acknowledge and spread the work that solidarity educational institutions throughout Latin America have been developing in recent years while merging their curriculum content with solidarity activities to benefit the communities where their students live. 
The deadline forphotograph submission is on 14th Diciembre, 2020. For more information and terms, please visit (in Spanish):https://historiasquetransforman.clayss.org/